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Week 43 Seeds To Fuel

This week there were a lot of things going on. Firstly the Diesel Club was volunteering helping build a bog walk. I also had a few photography assignments. And the mayer visited to check out the alternative fuels project that clc is working on which uses the seeds shown above to make diesel fuel with the leftovers being used as animal feed. 


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Week 50 Snow

This week I had some fun homework assignments photographed some playing Xbox and exploring in the snow. 

Week 26 Sheep Sheering

This week lots of things happened one of which was that we sheered the sheep which is not especially hard since ours are so friendly. Lise is the master wool cutting artison. We also went swimming in Lake Superior. Then I drove for two days, it was supposed to take three days, to get to FGC(Friends General Conference). 

Week 13 Farmers Market

This week I went to the farmers market and found all sorts of photographic opportunities. My favorite was of the basic lettuce but there were also more exotic subjects. There was something about how the red lettuce shinning out from the green ones. I also found a bee checking out some of the flowers and managed to make a photograph while it was holding still.