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Week 43 Seeds To Fuel

This week there were a lot of things going on. Firstly the Diesel Club was volunteering helping build a bog walk. I also had a few photography assignments. And the mayer visited to check out the alternative fuels project that clc is working on which uses the seeds shown above to make diesel fuel with the leftovers being used as animal feed. 


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Week 26 Sheep Sheering

This week lots of things happened one of which was that we sheered the sheep which is not especially hard since ours are so friendly. Lise is the master wool cutting artison. We also went swimming in Lake Superior. Then I drove for two days, it was supposed to take three days, to get to FGC(Friends General Conference). 

Week 44 Airport vs. College Road

This week I had a bunch of homework assignments, a visit to home with a portrait job, and some sun times at the halloween dance. The above photograph I did as a comment on the ongoing discussion about whether to rename part of what is now airport road college road.

Week 49 Homework

This week I had lots of homework assignments. One of them was at a garden store which was fun exploring a warm, green and colorful greenhouse away from the cold, white snow.