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Week 14 Laura/Easter

This week was easter week so I decided to have my photo project be that but I also ended up making some formal senior pictures for Laura and really liked them. First of all it was great because Laura was in a good mood, smiling and due to having just gone to church all prettied up. The lighting was somewhat difficult because it was shortly after noon with the sun shinning bright and high in the sky. Fortunately I found a shady spot and then used my flash to brighten Laura up so the background wouldn't be blown out. The disadvantage to that was I had to work hard to not show the buildings, cars, and people around the neighborhood in the background. All in all a fun and successful portrait session. I also made some photographs of all the easter festivities much of which was the consumption of huge amounts of sweets.

Week 13 Farmers Market

This week I went to the farmers market and found all sorts of photographic opportunities. My favorite was of the basic lettuce but there were also more exotic subjects. There was something about how the red lettuce shinning out from the green ones. I also found a bee checking out some of the flowers and managed to make a photograph while it was holding still. 

Week 12 Candlelight

Today I photographed a lot more flowers this week but my favorite photograph is this one above. Know what it is? It is a wall mounted candle holder with an electric candle in it. It caught my eye and I loved the abstract interaction of the bright light reflecting off the wall backlighting the dark metal.

Week 11 Flowers

This week since there were so many flowers blooming I decided I should have my photograph of the week be of a flower. I was fortunate enough that a storm blew threw and then was followed by some lightly overcast hours. It made for a great time to photograph. There were water droplets on all the flowers and the light was nice and diffused but still bright. The photograph above is my favorite this week because of the stark contrast between the bright yellow and the dark green. I also like ho the plane of focus puts the tip of the inner part of the flower, the water droplets on the petal, and a line of green leaves in focus. I made a hug amount of photographs in a very short time largely because I was using extension tubes on my 50mm prime lens without a tripod and with some wind blowing things around. It is incredibly hard to focus with the extension tubes because I have to move the camera instead of just turning a ring on the lens. I dod manage to cope with fast shutter speeds and lo

Week 10 The Zoo

I had a lot of fun wandering and photographing at to Louisville Kentucky zoo. I made a lot of really amazing photographs. The one above is one of my favorites because I like how it is a beautiful bird and there is a squirrel visible in the background. We also saw some lions one of which was roaring. All in all it was a great zoo, a great visit and loads of fun.